How to Change a Flat


Here at Hall Honda Virginia Beach, we want all our drivers to feel confident while on the road. Whether you’re driving a new 2019 Honda CR-V or not, getting stuck while out on the road is never fun. If you find yourself with a flat tire, we’re here to help.


Changing a flat tire may seem like a complicated process, but by breaking down the steps, it’s quite straightforward.


The first thing you need to do when you experience a flat tire is to get to a safe spot. Either pull over to the shoulder or onto a side street as soon as possible. Do your best to park your car on a flat surface. Put your car in park, turn on your hazard lights, and engage your emergency brake.


Now that you’re off to the side, it’s time to locate your spare tire, tire iron, and tire jack. You can typically find your spare tire underneath the floor mat in your trunk or underneath your car. Likewise, your tools are located in your trunk.


With your spare tire in hand, it’s time to loosen the wheel lugs on the flat tire using your tire iron. Don’t remove the lugs yet, however. Using your tire jack, jack up the car with the flat tire still attached. Now remove the tire and replace it with the spare, positioning it over the wheel studs. Reattach the wheel lugs until you feel resistance. Then, lower the car before you finish tightening the wheel lugs.


Finally, be sure to head to our Virginia Beach Honda service center for a tire replacement. It’s vital that you don’t drive too far on your spare and we’ll get you a new tire installed correctly in no time. Visit us today.

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