Scheduling a Honda oil change may seem like one more thing to remember, but it’s a small service task that makes a big difference. Here at Hall Honda Virginia Beach, we’re sharing all you need to know about scheduling car care and service. Here’s a closer look at some of the side effects of missing your routine oil change.

Your Vehicle Runs Less Safely

Regular oil changes help to keep your vehicle responsive, since they lubricate the parts and cool the engine so it runs at top capacity. When the oil become saturated with dirt or get old and congeals, the vehicle no longer drives as responsively, which means it isn’t as safe as it could be with regular care.

You Have Increased Repair Costs

One of the main functions of the oil in your vehicle is to prevent damage. It lubricates the parts in the engine, so they don’t grind together during use, which means they last longer, saving you money over time. If your oil needs to be changed, the parts are more susceptible to damage, which means increased repair and replacement costs.

Your Fuel Efficiency Drops

Another reason it’s important to schedule routine oil changes is fuel efficiency. When the oil that moves between parts and systems is old or thick, it can slow the function of those parts and systems. That means your vehicle uses more fuel to go the same distance, increasing fuel consumption and related costs.

Schedule Oil Changes That Make the Difference

It’s easy to get the oil change service that prevents damage and ensures top Honda vehicle efficiency right here at Hall Honda Virginia Beach. Schedule routine service and care, including oil changes, at our dealership today. 

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